This map uses tile and elevation data from Mapbox, coupled with a GL shader to display potential sea level rise based on elevation. This approach does not take into account a variety of important factors such as tidal variability and hydrological connectivity. The mapping does not consider possible future changes in coastal geomorphology, and does not incorporate aspects of the built-environment such as ditches and other engineered attempts to channel water. Additionally, this mapping does not take into account the potential damages of storm surge and associated flooding. These types of analysis were beyond the scope of this project. For a resource that considers more factors, I would suggest

The interactive map should, consequently, not be used for planning, navigation, or scientific purposes.

Additionally, the population data from Climate Central is based on 2010 totals. The number of people affected, therefore, is based on 2010 data and does not take into account increases and decreases in population or potential future relocation.

About this project:

This project was initially born out of a desire to learn about web mapping. At the time my background was in using GIS programs to create static maps, often with print in mind. I knew a small amount of HTML and Javascript, but beyond that I had no experience making websites. With this project, I wanted to begin to fill those gaps. With the exception of of the skills listed above, all of the knowledge that went into making this site was self-taught. With this in mind, if anything is poorly executed or could be improved, please let me know. If you’d like to offer any constructive feedback, I can be contacted at

In case anyone is interested in making something similar, I found the following technical resources useful: